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This eTwinning project is part of the Erasmus+ project "AID Refugees and Immigrants" where AID stands for Active citizenship, Inclusion and Development. Seven countries across the EU (Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece, Germany and Romania) participate in this project with the aim to aid refugee and immigrant students and their families to easily adapt to their new environment, either in the school or the society. The project has developed a variety of different approaches and tools in order to achieve the above goal. For more information, our website is available to anyone who would like to explore the issue a little bit more (


One of the tools developed to achieve our aim, is to investigate the good policies and practices applied in each school in their effort to assist the inclusion of refugee and immigrant students. With this questionnaire we hope to explore this issue and we would appreciate if you could help us by filling it in. The study will provide answers that we will share 1. among all the participants, 2. on our website, 3. at an international conference that will be held in Lisbon in May 2018, 4. by publication. It will also help us create an educational material bank that we can all use to improve our work and help these students in a more efficient way.


Thank you for your time and effort!

Our team of "AID refugees and Immigrants"

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