The contest for the logo

A logo is a good way to identify a product, a web or a project. On this way the seven partners of the project agreed to have a contest in each school opened to students and teachers. In summary the rules were:


  • Each team will organize its own contest and between teachers and students had to choose one to send to the coordinator (from 10 to 31 of Oct-2016)


  • 1st of November-2016, the Project Coordinator sent the logos received to the CFAE (the only partner participating without students), without the identification from the teams who created them; only with a letter.


  • The Training Centre (CFAE), set up a jury, composed of 5 members (teachers and trainers of CFAE: director, design maker, ICT trainer, trainer arts and humanities, technical advisor).


  • On 4th of October the CFAE Informed the result of the contest, adding a special  comment to all the participants:  “We praise all logos' authors for the effort and for the creativity.”