17 Life Stories, 17 Lessons of Life

Chios Island, Greece…2016. An Erasmus+ transnational meeting was held in order to organize the project “AID refugees and immigrants”. The planning was going well; we were following the application form in all the steps…when something changed the plans. You can say it was the refugee camps we saw, or the feeling that people wanted to speak out their story or the helplessness we felt facing this overwhelming situation…or the orange lifejacket we found captured on the rocks of the harbor screaming to be released.


Whatever the reason, our lives were different after this experience.   We decided to personalize the project, to give people the chance to share, to talk, to express their life stories. This book is only a small part of those life stories that refugees and immigrants shared withus. And this book is only a small contribution in order to say: “We are here to hear you”!


In the blog of this website (www.refugees-immigrants.com/blog-1) you can find the 55 Life Stories that young and old people sent us along the last two years . From those Life Stories, we created the book “17 Life Stories, 17 Lessons of Life” .


Thank you to the authors of the 55 life stories of this Erasmus+ project ... The authors who opened up their lives to share them with us. Thank you because your experience gave us the chance to grow every day as persons:

Josep A. Blasco, Angela Kaimaklioti, Paulina, Olimpia Stanciu, Jessica–Celine Eziechinam, Paschalis, Heidi Sundelin, Andreea Şelaru, Stefan Dias Antony, Vincent Wan, Serate, Amal, Tesfaldet Bahta, Joan Auger, Johannes, Despoina Mathioudi, Amar, Shafi Hassani, Miroiu Alexandra Elena, Yasir, Abdullah, Leyla, Marius, Vlad Elena Alice, Giorgos Poulis, Maroula Karasavva, Christina Sofian, Niki Nicolau, Karoline Fanese, Alessia Cecamore, Posea Ana-Eliza, Grădinaru Elena-Diana, Niculescu Roxana-Mihaela, Cristina Jipa, Andreea Simion, Valentini Hatzipanteli, Andi Ioannou, Katerina Borakai, Safae Abouzian, Marina Hoernecke, Wolodymr Borachok

Ripeski, Anna, Catherine Jones, Rui Gomes, Ferdaus Yahyaoui, Sem Winkelman, Jafet Moncada… and the other authors who wish to preserve their anonymity.


From the book “17 Life Stories, 17 Lessons of Life”